Try it. The teacher is waiting for your good news! Although some of your behaviors have been criticized by the teacher this semester, you can treat them correctly and correct them actively, which is also valuable. I hope you can communicate with the teacher and classmates more in your study, enhance your self-confidence and initiative, and make up for your inadequacy as much as you can. After the help and education of teachers and parents, your learning purpose is more clear, and your learning attitude has changed a lot. You always try your best to do your homework well and make up for your own shortcomings. Even if you encounter setbacks, you will never be discouraged. I hope you can build up confidence, make unremitting efforts and don't let everyone down. You know what? When you listen attentively in class, look at me with a pair of eyes full of curiosity, and when you complete your homework conscientiously, how happy the teacher is, but why can't you do it consciously every day and every time? Especially when the teacher is not around you? It can be seen from your composition that you are a child with clear love and hate, integrity and love. In your heart, your ambition is still alive. Don't you have a competitor? As long as you work hard, like a woodpecker, to peck off the lazy insects on your body, there is hope to catch up with and surpass him. You are a healthy and energetic child. You are able to work hard. If you put more time and energy into your study, your grades will be far from what they are now. If you treat your classmates with courtesy, you will have more friends.